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A single-stage vacuum pump is a simple yet effective device used to remove air and other gases from a sealed chamber or system. It operates by creating a partial vacuum through the use of an impeller that rotates inside the pump housing. As the impeller spins, it forces gas out of the chamber, resulting in decreased pressure within the system. Single-stage vacuum pumps are commonly used in various applications such as refrigeration, automotive repair, and HVAC systems. While they may not achieve as high of a vacuum level as multi-stage pumps, single-stage pumps are reliable, cost-effective, and suitable for many everyday tasks requiring moderate vacuum levels.

KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - single stage vacuum pump supplier - Vacculex

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Vacculex offers a reliable single-stage vacuum pump designed to meet various industrial and commercial needs. With its efficient performance, this vacuum pump is ideal for applications requiring a strong and consistent vacuum force. Whether used in manufacturing processes, packaging operations, or other industrial settings, the Vacculex single-stage vacuum pump delivers the power and reliability needed to get the job done effectively. Its compact design and user-friendly features make it a practical choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations with top-notch vacuum technology. Trust Vacculex for all your vacuum pump needs.

B series liquid ring vacuum pump - Vacculex
B Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

B Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The “B” series liquid ring vacuum pump is a positive displacement pump with simple structure and reliable use. This series of liquid ring vacuum pump is a single-stage pump.


Product Characteristics:

  • Almost isothermal compression, in the working chamberno lubrication required, oil-free and no contamination;
  • Almost all gases and vaporscan be handled, can handle small amount of entrained liquids;
  • Easy maintenance, high reliability, low noise, almost vibration-free;
  • Wide choice of materials for essentially all applications;
  • Shafts do not come into contact with the medium and rotating parts have no metal contact;
  • Cavitation protection as standardconfiguration;
  • Integral sewage discharge.
KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
KLRPE Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPE Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPE series products are single-stage, single-acting water ring vacuum pumps with the widest suction range. This series of vacuum pumps have a single-stage, single-acting structure and have the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, and high efficiency.

Product Characteristics:

  • The bearings all adopt original imported bearings, which ensure the precise positioning of the impeller of KLRPE vacuum pump and high stability during operation;
  • The impeller materials are all made of ductile iron casting or steel plate welding, which fully guarantees the stability of the impeller of KLRPE vacuum pump under all kinds of bad working conditions and improves service life;
  • Pump body use steel plate, which improves the service life of KLRPE vacuum pump;
  • The belt pulley adopts standard high-precision taper sleeve belt pulley, ensure reliable operation, easy for dismantling and long service life;
  • High-strength elastic coupling, and the elastic element is made of polyurethane, with stable and reliable operation and long service life.
KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - single stage vacuum pump supplier - Vacculex
KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPV series water ring vacuum pump is suitable for pumping gas and water vapor, and the suction pressure can reach 33mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum degree).

KLRPV series vacuum pumps including KLRPV2 series, KLRPV5 series and KLRPV6 series. Among them, KLRPV2 and KLRPV5 series are coaxial design of motor and pump, which is very space-saving; KLRPV6 series is the direct connection structure of vacuum pump and motor.


Product Characteristics:

  • Motor direct connection design, space-saving, simple structure, easy maintenance, all equipped with with cavitation protection tube connection;
  • Stainless steel impellers are standard on all KLRPV series and stainless steel discs/impellers on all KLRPV2 series;
  • Unique flexible discharge connection design without over-compression;
  • All with Y2 series motors with protection class IP54, IP55 (IP54 for normal) and insulation class F insulation (B insulation for normal);
  • Use NTN, SKF or NSK imported bearings;
  • KLRPV series liquid ring vacuum pumps can realize the flexible seals are all PTFE, which can greatly prolong the service life under harsh working conditions.


As one of the professional single stage vacuum pump supplier in China, Vacculex products have as following features:

  • There is no mutual friction metal surface in the pump, the working liquid absorbs most of the compression temperature rise, so it is suitable for conveying flammable, explosive or easily decomposed gases in case of temperature rise;
  • Different working liquids can be used, so that the conveyed gases are not contaminated;
  • It can be used for conveying gases containing vapors, moisture, or solid particles;
  • The structure is simple, and there is no need for suction and discharge valves, which makes the work smooth and reliable and the volume of gas is even.


Vacculex has become a professional single stage vacuum pump manufacturer in China’s vacuum pump market. We specialize in the production of single stage vacuum pumps and are ISO certified to provide a comprehensive range of products. Our product range includes three major series to meet different industrial applications. At Vacculex, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and performance. That’s why our vacuum pumps are manufactured using only the highest quality materials to ensure optimal efficiency and safety. Whether you work in the plastics, petrochemical, chemical industry or any other industrial sector, our extensive vacuum pump catalog offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Vacculex provides reliable, best-in-class vacuum pump solutions that you can trust to deliver unparalleled performance and value.

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Industry / Markets

Single stage vacuum pump is mainly used in Vacuum Evaporation, Vacuum Concentration, Vacuum Moisture Regain, Vacuum Impregnation, Vacuum Drying, Vacuum Handling, Vacuum Simulation, Gas Recovery, Decompression Distillation, Vacuum Dust Extraction, Vacuum Water Diversion.

With a wide range of vacuum pump options, we offer flexibility and efficiency for various industrial applications, including: pharmaceutical industry, packaging industry, food industry, sugar industry, chlor-alkali industry and PVC production enterprises, medical equipment, metallurgical industry, general industry, cigarette industry, plastics industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry and pulp industry and so on.


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