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Vacuum For A Better Life ...

The markets vacculex serve are the basic markets that sustain people’s lives with steady long-term growth and significant contribution to our lives. Our products are based on reliability, durability and longevity, and we continue to innovate to meet the demanding needs of our customers in applications that continue to change.


To be a world leading enterprise in vacuum solutions field.
As an exceptional group driven by outstanding employees, guided by our mission vacuum for a better life, we will work together in a process of continuous improvement to


The values we espouse are the cornerstone of achieving our missions and visions.

Integrity and dedication

Keeping promises and satisfying customer needs. We insist on the persistent pursuit of professionalism and strive for excellence in doing every little thing well.

Continuous innovation

Paying attention to the challenges faced by our customers' business, listening to their real needs, providing high-quality products and services and innovative solutions through continuous improvement in manufacturing process,technology R&D, and service process, to help our customers keep improving their business and winning the market.


Teamwork towards success, we respect each member, we collaborate with each other to grow together and achieve extraordinary business.

Win-win value

Realizing the personal value of our employees in the process of creating value for our customers, creating value for the world around us, to

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