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KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPV series liquid ring vacuum pumps are suitable for pumping gas and water vapor, suction pressure can reach 33 mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum). When the liquid ring vacuum pump works for a long time under the suction pressure close to the ultimate vacuum level (saturated vapor pressure of operating fluid), a cavitation protection tube should be connected to protect the pump.

KLRPV series vacuum pumps are divided into KLRPV2 series, KLRPV5 series and KLRPV6 series. The KLRPV2 and KLRPV5 series are motor and pump coaxially designed to save space, the KLRPV6 series is directly connected to the motor.

KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - single stage vacuum pump supplier - Vacculex

Product characteristics:

  • Direct motor connection design, space saving, simple structure, easy maintenance, all equipped with cavitation protection tube connection.
  • All KLRPV series use stainless steel impellers as standard, all KLRPV2 series use stainless steel discs/impellers.
  • Unique flexible exhaust port design without over-compression ensures the best efficiency of the KLRPV series within its performance range.
  • All use Y2 series motors with protection class IP54, IP55 (IP44 for ordinary) and insulation class F insulation (B insulation for ordinary).
  • All adopt NTN, SKF or NSK imported bearings.
  • KLRPV series liquid ring vacuum pumps can realize flexible seals all in PTFE, which can greatly extend the service life of vacuum pumps under harsh working conditions.

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