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KLRPE Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPE series products are single-stage single-acting liquid ring vacuum pumps with the widest pumping range. As a single-stage single-acting structure form, this series vacuum pumps have the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operation and high efficiency skills.

KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Product characteristics:

  • Using imported bearings, which ensure the precise positioning of the impeller of KLRPE vacuum pump and high stability during operation.
  • Impeller materials are ductile iron casting or steel plate welding, guaranteeing the stability of impeller under various harsh working conditions and improving the service life of the vacuum pump.
  • The pump body is all made of steel plate, improves service life of KLRPE vacuum pump.
  • The belt pulley adopts standard high-precision tapered sleeve pulley, which is reliable in operation, easy to disassemble and has long belt service life.
  • The coupling adopts standard high-strength elastic coupling, and the elastic element is made of polyurethane, with stable and reliable operation and long service life.

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