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Roots Vacuum Pump

Roots vacuum pump (also called mechanical vacuum booster), As the main pumping equipment to obtain medium and high vacuum, is a positive-displacement vacuum pump and an oil-free dry vacuum pump.

Roots Vacuum Pump - Vacculex

Vacculex​ Roots Vacuum Pump

Vacculex roots pump have large pumping speed range from 170 to 110,000 m³/h

Roots Vacuum Pump Characteristic

  • One-piece double impeller, impeller and shaft are cast in one piece. The rotor has internal straight-through cavity with optional sealing plate design.
  • Five point bearings design, high reliability.
  • Special seal structure, the surface of the shaft in contact with the seal is polished to improve operating life and achieve zero leakage, eliminating cross contamination of oil and process gas.
  • Synchronous gear is helical gear design, and installed at the drive end to reduce the distortion and deformation of the impeller, to improve the silence, stability and reliability.
  • Double oil tank design can achieve sufficient lubrication, improve stability, optional cooling methods: air cooling, water cooling.

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MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster - Vacculex
MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster

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