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An oil seal vacuum pump is a crucial component in various industrial applications, providing reliable and efficient vacuum suction. This type of pump utilizes oil to create a seal between moving parts, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing wear and tear. The oil seal vacuum pump is known for its high performance, durability, and ability to maintain a consistent level of vacuum pressure over extended periods. Its design allows for the removal of air and other gases from a system, making it an essential tool in processes such as food packaging, medical equipment manufacturing, and semiconductor production. With its robust construction and dependable functionality, the oil seal vacuum pump is a valuable asset in industries where precise vacuum control is essential for successful operations.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - Vacculex

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Vacculex offers an innovative solution with its oil seal vacuum pump. This advanced technology provides efficient and reliable performance for various industrial applications. The oil seal vacuum pump is designed to handle demanding tasks with ease, ensuring a smooth and consistent operation. Its high-quality construction and superior sealing capabilities make it a top choice for industries requiring precision and reliability in their vacuum systems. With Vacculex’s oil seal vacuum pump, you can trust that your operations will run seamlessly and efficiently, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - Vacculex
VSP Series Screw Vacuum Pump

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Variable pitch, high ultimate pressure, large pumping capacity and fast exhaust.Spiral jacket cooling, low exhaust temperature, no carbonization, prevents jamming, long service life. Internal anti-corrosion coating.


As one of the leading oil seal vacuum pump manufacturers in China, Vacculex products have as follow features:

  • Variable pitch, high ultimate pressure, large pumping capacity and fast exhaust.
  • Energy-saving design, 30% reduction in power consumption.
  • Special profile design, few medium gas condensation.
  • Spiral jacket cooling, low exhaust temperature, no carbonization, prevents jamming, long service life.
  • Internal no oil or water, no waste oil wastewater treatment, facilitating solvent recovery.
  • Configurable gas seal, inlet purging, steam cleaning, solvent cleaning.
  • Corrosion-resistant coating treatment for fluid contact parts, strong anti-corrosion ability.
VSP series screw vacuum pump - Oil Seal Vacuum Pump Manufacturer​ - Vacculex


Vacculex has secured its position as a professional oil seal vacuum pump manufacturer in China’s competitive vacuum pump market. Specializing in the production of high-quality oil seal vacuum pumps, we take pride in our ISO certification and commitment to offering a diverse range of products tailored to various industrial applications. Our product lineup comprises three distinct series designed to meet the unique needs of different industries, ensuring versatility and performance. At Vacculex, we prioritize quality and efficiency, manufacturing our oil seal vacuum pumps using top-tier materials to guarantee optimal safety and functionality. Whether you operate in the plastics, petrochemical, or chemical industry, Vacculex is dedicated to providing premium solutions that uphold stringent standards of excellence.

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Vacculex is proud to offer the oil seal vacuum pump, a reliable and efficient solution for various industries. This innovative vacuum pump utilizes oil sealing technology to create a powerful suction force, making it ideal for handling a wide range of materials and products. Oil-sealed vacuum pumps have proven their performance in harsh applications such as food, heat treatment, and coating as well as proven reliability in long-cycle applications such as mass spectrometry. With its robust design and high-performance capabilities, this vacuum pump is a valuable asset for any business looking to enhance efficiency and reliability in their processes. Trust Vacculex for top-quality vacuum solutions that meet your specific needs.


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