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VSP Series Screw Vacuum Pump

Variable pitch, high ultimate pressure, large pumping capacity, fast exhaust, energy saving, low medium gas condensation, low exhaust temperature, no carbonization, anti-stuck, long life, dry type without oil and water, corrosion resistant coating treatment for fluid contact part.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - Vacculex

Product characteristics

  • Gradual changed pitch screw vacuum pump, higher efficiency, higher ultimate vacuum up to 10Pa(A).
  • Special screw design technology, exhaust temperature, vibration, noise, are maintained in the leading
  • Temperature control technology, can accurately control the temperature of the pump, to avoid screw and pump body coating peeling off, screw deformation, vacuum pump being stuck, corrosion and eventual damagecaused by high temperature. Suitable for applications that are very sensitive to the temperature of the medium, especially for the process medium that is prone to carbonization, coking, polymerization  reaction in the process of high-temperature operation. 
  • Innovative development of anti-steam condensation structure design, can effectively improve the dry screw pump gas condensation phenomenon. Substantially extend the operatinglife of the screw pump and the corrosion problems caused by gas condensation.
  • Usingadvanced coating technology. In the market commonly use nickel (Ni), Teflon (PFA/PTFE), Hastelloy (HASTELLOY C) coating, such coatings is still inadequate in stability and durability, Vacculex use Peek coating technology, optional nickel plating + special Peek coating technology.

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