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MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster

Five-point bearing design, double oil tank, nitrogen gas barrier, suitable for high temperature/high differential pressure/high vacuum condition, internal coating protection against corrosion, optional single-point mechanical seal or five-point mechanical seal, labyrinth seal.

MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster - Vacculex

Product characteristics

  • Five point bearing/machine seal designs, multiple supports and seals for high reliability.
  • Double oil tank design for improved stability.
  • Synchronous gears of helical gear design at the drive end to improve silence, stability and reliability.
  • Nitrogen gas barrier to block gas from entering the oil tank, prolongservice life.
  • Internal coating protection against corrosion, especially suitable for pumping out condensable,flammable, explosive and toxic gases.
  • Large differential pressure up to 120 mbar.
  • Optional cooling methods: air cooling, water cooling.
  • Optional nickel plating or PFA/PTFE coating of fluid contact
  • O-ring in the mechanical seal, optionalfluororubber or perfluoroether rubber.
  • High pumping speeddesign, up to 110,000m3/h inlet flow rate.
  • Optional outer seal is mechanicalseal and inner seal is oil slinger ring seal, also optional five mechanical seals plus labyrinth seal.

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