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MS Series Multistage Roots Vacuum Pump

The multistage roots pump is a direct atmospheric discharge pump with 3 to 5 stages of Roots type rotors on one shaft, which means, multi-stage Roots type rotors are connection in series on the rotor shaft. "Multi-stage" means "multi-stage pump chamber" and "multi-stage compression".

MS Series Multistage Roots Vacuum Pump - Vacculex

Product characteristics:

  1. Large pumping speed in a wide pressure range.
  2. Can discharge directly to the atmosphere without the need for a backingpump
  3. Quickstart-up, can work immediately.
  4. Insensitive to dust and water vapor contained in the pumped gas.
  5. There is gapbetween rotors and between rotors and pump chamber arms, no friction in the moving parts of the pump, no need for lubrication, no oil in the pump chamber.
  6. Symmetrical shape of the rotor, good dynamic balance, smooth running, selection of high-precision gear drive, low noise during operation.
  7. Compact structure, small footprint, usually choose horizontal structure.
  8. The gas is discharged after compression at various stageby unequal cavities, which can save the power consumed.
  9. Choose the appropriate rotor profile and fine grinding to obtain high volumetric efficiency.
  10. Low operation and maintenance cost.

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