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VLRC Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

It is ideal for pumping moist mixed gases as well as for pumping tiny droplet gases. Standard configurations is material all cast iron(or 316SS stainless steel) with water cooling(or air cooling), can pump at pressures as low as 4 Torr(limited by the saturated vapor pressure of the operating fluid).

VLRC Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump -Vacculex.

Product characteristics:

  • Two-stage compression, each stage impeller with small compression ratio.
  • Can achieve larger maximum differential pressure.
  • Can achieve higher exhaust back pressure, with higher reliability during operation.
  • Small temperature rise of operating fluid and less influence of water temperature on inlet pressure and suction volume.
  • More effective avoidance of cavitation by two-stage compression, long service life, low vibration and noise.
  • Pumping speed curve is flat, its efficiency of inlet pressure can keep about 90% under 50 torr, while the efficiency of single-stage pumps drops to 50%. It is very favorable for roots pump operation when form a unit with the roots pump.

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