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S0 Series Dry Vacuum Unit

S0 series industrial dry pump unit is vacuum systems consisting of vacculex roots and screw vacuum pumps with compact structure and integrated control system. Typical applications semiconductor: vacuum-thermoform, electronics, paper, paper tray, foam, textile, printing, photoelectric etc.

S0 Series Dry Vacuum Unit - Vacculex

Product characteristics:

  • The Industrial dry pump unit fully replace liquid ring vacuum pump single vacuum pump, complete system, multi-stage roots of the composite system, Vacculex provides you with a variety of different ways to combine, according to the the site needs, to provide you with the perfect solution.
  • Through five-point bearing design, double oil tank, improve stability; nitrogen gas barrier, block gas into the tank, prolong service life, internal coating protection, prevent corrosion, optional single-point mechanical seal, oil slinger ring mechanical seal, eliminate cross-contamination, reduce oil consumption.

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