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Roots Blower Package

The roots blower package is a unit composed of RB series roots blowers. Vacculex roots blower package has a reputation for high quality,high reliability and outstanding performance. Typical applications: exhaust gas conveying, MVR (steam recompression), material conveying etc.

RB Series Roots Blower - Vacculex

Product characteristics:

  • Vacculex adopts high speed and high efficiency motor, for roots blower, under the premise of ensuring reliability, the higher the rotational speed, the lower the return flow of the gas in the rotor through the rotor gap which improve the compression efficiency, the lower the shaft power, the higher the efficiency, Vacculex blowers save energy up to 5-10% on average than domestic blowers.
  • Due to the high speed, more fresh air is inhaled and less hot air is returned, the gas exhaust temperature is greatly reduced, extending the life of the shaft, rotor, bearing and seal.

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