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Roots And Screw Vacuum System

This customized system is composed of roots pump and screw vacuum pump which is customized dry pump system. Typical applications: pharmaceutical, chemical, solvent recovery, aerospace, high altitude simulation, vapor recovery, process technology etc.

Roots And Screw Vacuum System - Vacculex

Product characteristics:

Vacculex Roots/Screw vacuum units have the remarkable features of large pumping capacity, high ultimate vacuum pumping degree and low outlet temperature, It can operate without oil, water and other sealing operating fluids, which can replace conventional liquid ring, slide valve, reciprocating and other vacuum units in most applications. It has the significant advantages of low operating cost, low energy consumption, no waste liquid discharge and long service life. For easily condensable, flammable, explosive or highly toxic gases, it can be specially equipped with auxiliary facilities such as nitrogen seal purging, on/off gas purging, steam cleaning and solvent flushing to improve the overall stability and safety of equipment operation.

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