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Roots And Liquid Ring Vacuum System

This customized system is composed of roots pump and liquid ring vacuum pump. Typical applications: pharmaceutical, chemical, food, vacuum drying, vacuum packaging, steam recovery, process technology etc.

Roots And Liquid Ring Vacuum System - Vacculex

Product characteristics:

Vacculex Roots/Liquid ring vacuum units are suitable for pumping moist gas mixtures at low pressures. The sealing operating fluid can be water, oil or process liquid. Systems with oil as the operating fluid can avoid corrosion and also avoid vaporization of the sealing fluid at higher temperatures. When the operating fluid is a process fluid, contamination of the process gas with water or oil can be avoided. Vacculex offers a wide range of two or three stage vacuum units, complete engineering system solutions including instrumentation, condensers, control devices, pipelines and valves, partial or complete operating fluid circulation systems, etc.

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