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RB Series Roots Blower

RB series blowers are premium heavy-duty blowers with complete models and long history of production, pitches from 3.25" to 12" and rotor lengths from 2.5" to 48". Single unit pressure can reach 18PSI(g) and vacuum grade can reach 16"Hg(a).

RB Series Roots Blower - Vacculex

Product characteristics:

  • Five-point bearing design improves the bearing force condition during belt driving.
  • Double oil tank design provides excellent cooling and lubrication to the bearings at both ends, ensuring low operating temperatures
  • Synchronous gears mounted on the drive side, eliminating torsional stresses along the drive shaft.
  • Helical gear design to ensure synchronous, silent and reliable operation.
  • Multiple seal forms available: lip seal, mechanical seal and labyrinth seal.
  • Optional gas-tight design to ensure that the outlet gas is completely oil-free.

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