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Vapor Recovery Pump

A vapor recovery pump is an essential component in the process of recovering and reusing vapors emitted during fueling operations. This pump plays a crucial role in minimizing the release of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, thereby reducing air pollution and promoting environmental sustainability. The vapor recovery pump works by capturing and compressing the vapors that are displaced from fuel tanks during refueling. These captured vapors are then transferred to a storage system or back into the fuel dispensing system for reuse. By effectively capturing and recycling these vapors, vapor recovery pumps not only help to protect the environment but also ensure compliance with regulations and standards related to air quality. With their efficient performance and eco-friendly benefits, vapor recovery pumps are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including gas stations, oil terminals, and chemical plants.

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When it comes to vapor recovery, the most commonly used vacuum pump is the dry screw vacuum pump. This type of pump is known for its efficiency and reliability in capturing and recovering vapors. In certain applications, a Roots booster pump may also be used in conjunction with the dry screw vacuum pump to provide even greater performance. If you have specific application requirements or need customized solutions, I highly recommend consulting with Vacculex’s experienced engineers who can provide expert guidance. Take a look at our extensive range of products below to find the perfect fit for your vapor recovery needs. With Vacculex, you can trust that we will meet and exceed your expectations in this critical field.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - Vacculex
VSP Series Screw Vacuum Pump

Screw Vacuum Pump

Variable pitch, high ultimate pressure, large pumping capacity, fast exhaust, energy saving, low medium gas condensation, low exhaust temperature, no carbonization, anti-stuck, long life, dry type without oil and water, corrosion resistant coating treatment for fluid contact part.

MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster - Vacculex
MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster

Roots Booster Pump

Five-point bearing design, double oil tank, nitrogen gas barrier, suitable for high temperature/high differential pressure/high vacuum condition, internal coating protection against corrosion, optional single-point mechanical seal or five-point mechanical seal, labyrinth seal.


As one of the largest vapor recovery pump manufacturers in China, Vacculex products have as follow features:

Screw vacuum pump features for the VRU application:

  • Variable pitch, high ultimate pressure, large pumping capacity and fast exhaust.
  • Energy-saving design, 30% reduction in power consumption.
  • Special profile design, few medium gas condensation.
  • Spiral jacket cooling, low exhaust temperature, no carbonization, prevents jamming, long service life.
  • Internal no oil or water, no waste oil or wastewater treatment, facilitating solvent recovery.
  • Configurable gas seal, inlet purging, steam cleaning, solventinjection.
  • Corrosion-resistant coating treatment for fluid contact parts, strong anti-corrosion ability.

Roots vacuum pump(Roots vacuum booster) features for the VRU application:

  • Five-point bearing design, double oil tanks, high stability.
  • Roots vacuum pump and Roots blower with same design and structure, so in some special VRU application, Roots vacuum pump can start-up as Roots blower without backing pump, but can achieve as high as 7.5×10-4Torr ultimate vacuum degree.
  • Suitability for high temperature, high differential pressure and high vacuum environments, robust design, high reliability.
  • Internal coating protection against corrosion, especially suitable for petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Five-point mechanical seal, labyrinth seal, completely eliminating cross-contamination.


Compared to other technologies (liquid ring pumps, oil lubricated rotary vane), dry screw vacuum pumps offer a lot of advantages:


  • Frictionless and safe operation of the pump’s internal components
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance and spare parts costs
  • Higher vacuum levels can be achieved
  • Works without secondary waste
  • Does not contaminate recycled products
  • Suitable for all petroleum and chemical products
  • Can be used in explosion-proof environments


Vacculex is a leading provider of vacuum pumps for vapor recovery in China. Our extensive range includes screw vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps and customized vacuum systems to suit various industrial applications. We take pride in manufacturing our vacuum pumps with the highest quality materials to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Whether you are in the chemical industry, oil and natural gas industry, or any other field requiring vapor recovery, our vacuum pump catalog offers a wide selection to meet your specific needs.

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Industry / Markets

Vapor recovery pump is mainly used for:

  • Capture and recovery of vapors from standard petroleum and natural gas production processes, biogas and other biofuel applications.
  • Transshipment of large quantities of petroleum products, possible targets: refineries, oil depots, oil loading and unloading place. Also including the application of discharging petroleum products from tanker trucks to gas stations.

Dimensional Details


VSP150-400 - vapor recovery pump - Vacculex
VSP150-400 - vapor recovery pump - Vacculex
VSP150-400 - vapor recovery pump - Vacculex


VSP800-3000 - vapor recovery pump - Vacculex
VSP800-3000 - vapor recovery pump - Vacculex
VSP800-3000 - vapor recovery pump - Vacculex

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