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Solvent Recovery Pump

In the chemical industry, solvent recovery plays a crucial role in reclaiming valuable components from process mixtures. At Vacculex, we recognize the significance of this process and strive to provide efficient and cost-effective vacuum systems specifically designed for solvent recovery applications. Our team of highly skilled engineers works diligently to develop innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients in the chemical industry. We understand the importance of environmental considerations as well, which is why our systems are designed to treat solvent-contaminated wastewater. By evaporating and condensing the lower boiling fractions, we ensure that these solvents can be safely transported elsewhere for further use. With Vacculex, you can trust that your solvent recovery needs will be met with utmost efficiency and reliability.

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Generally, the most commonly used vacuum pumps in solvent recovery are screw vacuum pump,roots booster pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps. Our systems are safe, energy efficient, easy to maintain and suitable for contact with a wide range of solvents found in medical, chemical, oil and gas industry applications. If you are looking for a high quality vacuum pump for your solvent recovery needs, look no further than Vacculex. With an experienced team of engineers and a wide range of products to choose from, Vacculex can provide you with the perfect solution to meet your specific needs in the field of solvent recovery.

VLRC series liquid ring vacuum pump
VLRC Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump’s rotor is installed eccentrically in the pump, and its rotation forces the working fluid to form an equal-thickness rotating liquid ring along the inner wall of the pump, the liquid ring and the rotor impeller together form a variable volume positive displacement vacuum pump. 

MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster - Vacculex
MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster

Roots Booster Pump

Five-point bearing design, double oil tank, nitrogen gas barrier, suitable for high temperature/high differential pressure/high vacuum condition, internal coating protection against corrosion, optional single-point mechanical seal or five-point mechanical seal, labyrinth seal.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - Vacculex
VSP Series Screw Vacuum Pump

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Variable pitch, high ultimate pressure, large pumping capacity and fast exhaust.Spiral jacket cooling, low exhaust temperature, no carbonization, prevents jamming, long service life. Internal anti-corrosion coating.  


As one of the leading solvent recovery pump manufacturers in China, Vacculex products have as follow features:


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Two-stage compression, each stage impeller with small compression ratio.
  • Can achieve larger maximum differential pressure.
  • Small temperature rise of operating fluid and less influence of water temperature on inlet pressure and suction volume.
  • Pumping speed curve is flat, its efficiency of inlet pressure can keep about 90% under 50 torr, while the efficiency of single-stage pumps drops to 50%. It is very favorable for roots pump operation when form a unit with the roots pump.


Roots Booster Pump

  • Five-point bearing/machine seal designs, multiple supports and seals for high reliability.
  • Double oil tank design for improved stability.
  • Synchronous gears of helical gear design at the drive end to improve silence, stability and reliability.
  • Large differential pressure up to 120 mbar.
  • Cooling methods: water cooling.
  • Optional nickel plating or PFA coating of fluid contact
  • O-ring in the mechanical seal, optionalfluororubber or perfluoroether rubber.
  • High pumping speeddesign, up to 110,000m3/h inlet flow rate.
  • Optional outer seal is mechanicalseal and inner seal is oil slinger ring seal, also optional five mechanical seals plus labyrinth seal.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

  • Gradually changed pitch screw vacuum pump, higher efficiency, higher ultimate vacuum.
  • Special screw design technology, exhaust temperature, vibration, noise, are maintained in the leading
  • Temperature control technology, can accurately control the temperature of the pump, to avoid screw and pump body coating peeling off, screw deformation, vacuum pump being stuck, corrosion and eventual damagecaused by high temperature. Suitable for applications that are very sensitive to the temperature of the medium, especially for the process medium that is prone to carbonization, coking, polymerization  reaction in the process of high-temperature operation. 
  • Innovative development of anti-steam condensation structure design, can effectively improve the dry screw pump gas condensation phenomenon. Substantially extend the operatinglife of the screw pump and the corrosion problems caused by gas condensation.
  • Usingadvanced coating technology. In the market commonly use nickel (Ni), Teflon (PFA/PTFE), Hastelloy (HASTELLOY C) coating, such coatings is still inadequate in stability and durability, Vacculex use PFA/Ni-p coating technology.


Roots vacuum pump(Roots vacuum booster) advantages for solvent recovery

  1. It has high pumping speed and low pumping time, which makes it able to reduce the system pressure quickly and effectively in the distillation process.
  2. The Roots vacuum pump runs with low noise and low vibration, which ensures the quiet and stable operation of the distillation equipment.
  3. Roots vacuum pump has low maintenance cost and long service life, which can keep stable performance during long time operation, thus saving cost and maintenance time for users.
  4. Roots pumps have high ultimate vacuum and can maintain a large pumping speed at a high vacuum level. For some distillation applications with high vacuum requirements, Roots pumps are a very good vacuum pump for pressurization.
  5. Roots pump also belongs to the dry vacuum pump, the discharge gas is pure and oil-free, will not pollute the recovered solvent.。

Liquid ring vacuum pump advantages for solvent recovery

  1. The impellers of two-stage liquid ring pump are separated by spacer plate, so that the medium between each impeller cannot interfere with each other, which increases the stability and efficiency of the pump. The main advantage of two-stage liquid ring pump is its stable flow, high conveying pressure, low noise, reliable performance, and in the case of large changes in the viscosity of the conveying medium can still maintain good stability.
  2. In the higher vacuum working condition, the efficiency is 35% to 40% higher than that of single-stage water ring pump, and the energy consumption is also reduced accordingly.
  3. It is especially ideal to be used as the pre-stage pump of Roots vacuum pump in the fields of solvent recovery and de-volatilization in chemical industry.

Screw vacuum pump advantages for solvent recovery

  1. High vacuum: Screw vacuum pumps can provide high vacuum to ensure the effect of various reaction and treatment processes in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Screw vacuum pumps can not only form vacuum system alone, but also can be used as pre-stage pumps in and Roots pumps to form vacuum system applied in distillation field, it can reach high vacuum degree and keep large pumping speed, not only can provide stable and good preconditions for Roots vacuum pumps to run, but also can reduce the number of stages of the configuration of Roots vacuum pumps.
  2. good stability: the structure of screw vacuum pump is simple, stable operation, not easy to fail, stable vacuum performance is not affected by external temperature (as a pre-stage pump, compared with the liquid ring pump, the liquid ring pump is easy to be affected by the temperature in the actual operation), so as to ensure the stability of the solvent recovery process.
  3. Energy-saving and environmental protection: screw vacuum pump has low energy consumption, the main process without oil, water and other media involved, is a dry vacuum pump, will not cause pollution to the environment, so as to meet the modern chemical industry’s energy-saving and environmental protection requirements.

Vacculex is a renowned industry vacuum pump leader in China, specializing in the production of vacuum pumps for vacuum distillation. Our comprehensive range includes screw vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, and customized vacuum systems that cater to various industrial applications. We take immense pride in manufacturing our vacuum pumps using only the highest quality materials to ensure optimal efficiency and safety. Whether you operate in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, or chemical industry, or any other field that requires vapor recovery, our extensive catalog of vacuum pumps offers a diverse selection to meet your specific needs. With Vacculex, you can expect top-notch quality and reliable performance for all your vacuum distillation requirements.

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Vacuum Distillation Pump is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and other industries. With a wide range of vacuum pump options, we offer flexibility and efficiency for various distillation applications.


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