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Vacculex offers its customers the market leading roots blower. Our RB serieroots blowers are known for their high quality, reliability and performance, making them ideal for applications requiring high reliability. They are high quality and fit a variety of industrial needs, so you’ll be able to get the most out of them quickly. If you have any needs for our products, please contact us immediately!

RB Roots Blower - Vacculex


About Roots Blower Manufacturer

Roots blower is a positive displacement blower, conveying air volume proportional to the rotational speed. The three-blade impeller is driven by two impellers to complete the suction and discharge three times per rotation. The two impellers are driven by synchronous gears to maintain the correct phase at all times.

RB series blowers are premium heavy-duty blowers with complete models and long history of production, pitches from 3.25″ to 12″ and rotor lengths from 2.5″ to 48″. This series of blowers has a reputation for high quality,high reliability and outstanding performance. Single unit pressure can reach 18PSI(g) and vacuum grade can reach 16″Hg(a).

RB series blowers adopt high speed and high efficiency blowers. Under the premise of ensuring reliability, the higher rotation speed, the lower return flow of the gas in the rotor through the rotor gap which improve the compression efficiency, the lower shaft power, the higher efficiency, Vacculex blowers save energy up to 5-10% on average than domestic blowers. Due to the high rotation speed, more fresh air is inhaled, less hot air is returned, and the gas exhaust temperature is greatly reduced, extending the life of shaft, rotor, bearing and seal.

Find out How Our Roots Blower Work

  1. -Five-point bearing design improves the bearing force condition during belt driving.
  2. – Double oil tank design provides excellent cooling and lubrication to the bearings at both ends, ensuring low operating temperatures
  3. – Synchronous gears mounted on the drive side, eliminating torsional stresses along the drive shaft.
  4. – Helical gear design to ensure synchronous, silent and reliable operation.
  5. – Multiple seal forms available: lip seal, mechanical seal and labyrinth seal.
  6. – Optional gas-tight design to ensure that the outlet gas is completely oil-free.

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RB Roots Blower - Vacculex
RB Series Roots Blower

RB series blowers are premium heavy-duty blowers with complete models and long history of production, pitches from 3.25″ to 12″ and rotor lengths from 2.5″ to 48″. Single unit pressure can reach 18PSI(g) and vacuum grade can reach 16″Hg(a).

Roots Blower Package
Roots Blower Package

The roots blower package is a unit composed of RB series roots blowers. Vacculex roots blower package has a reputation for high quality,high reliability and outstanding performance. Typical applications: exhaust gas conveying, MVR (steam recompression), material conveying etc.

Application of Roots Blower

Vacculex roots blower application in the global manufacturing market: chemical, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical processes, plastics, semiconductors, vacuum furnaces and vacuum melting etc.


Solvent recovery
Freeze Drying

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Solvent Recovery
Molecular Distillation
Pneumatic Conveying

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Petroleum cracking
Oil and gas recovery
Vapor Recovery
Vacuum degassing
VOC tail gas recovery

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Industrial Vacuum

Steel degassing
Vacuum furnaces
Vacuum coating

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Crystal growth
Wafer movement
Vacuum sintering

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Roots Blower FAQ Guide

1. What does a roots blower do?

If you’re looking for an efficient way to create airflow, a root blower may be the perfect solution. These devices are used to generate constant airflows that are independent of discharge pressure conditions. This means that they can be used in low and medium pressure and vacuum applications, making them well-suited for a variety of purposes.

Some common applications for root blowers include manufacturing processes such as stamping and die casting, printing, coating/lamping, gas cleaning/purging, food processing (drying), pharmaceuticals (vacuum evaporation) and more.

Depending on the models available, root blowers can produce airflow rates from 0.5 CFM up to 10 CFM per minute. So whether you need a small amount of airflow or you want something with greater power capabilities, a root blower may be just what you’re looking for!

2. How does a roots blower works?

The two rotors on a roots blower contain two or three meshing lobes inside an airtight case. The case is valve less and has inlet and outlet ports that are generally on opposite sides. The rotors counter-rotate and are synchronised using a set of gear wheels. This configuration creates powerful suction that pulls dirt, dust,and other objects towards the outlets where they can be easily disposed。

Roots blowers are a very common type of ventilation equipment, used to distribute air throughout a building. They operate by displacing air from the inlet to the outlet through counter-rotating rotors. This motion creates a flow of air that is determined primarily by the rotational speed of the rotors within the roots blower. There is no change to air volume within the roots blower, so there is no compression taking place. Roots blowers are generally air-cooled, and some models operate without any need for oil as a lubricant (oil-free).

How does a roots blower works - roots blower manufacturer - Vacculex

3. What industries have roots blower applications?

Roots blowers are essential for many bulk material handling and dust collection systems. They help to improve the efficiency of pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum cleaning, and dust filtering. Here are a few reasons why:

– Roots blowers generate more air flow than other types of fans, which means they can move larger volumes of air at faster speeds. This increases the amount of goods that can be moved per minute, which in turn reduces overall labor time and warehouse space requirements.

– Roots blowers also have high capacity filters that capture fine particles like dirt, soot, and grease from the air stream. This helps to protect equipment from wear and tear caused by these contaminants


They have a wide range of industry applications including:







Food processing


Power generation

Water treatment





Chemical and petroleum industry

Roots blowers are essential tools in the industrial world. They are used to transport or compress many inert, corrosive and explosive gases in chemical plants and refineries. These include gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen and chlorine. Also various combinations of hydrocarbon gases. Roots blowers are also used in regenerative drying systems to provide ultra-clean and dry air. Bulk dry raw materials, such as aluminium oxide, are pneumatically conveyed, using roots blowers, on gantry ship unloaders and barges.


Petroleum cracking
Oil and gas recovery
Vapor Recovery
Vacuum degassing
VOC tail gas recovery

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Solvent Recovery
Molecular Distillation
Pneumatic Conveying

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Environmental industry

There are several sectors in the environmental industry where roots blower applications exist. These include agriculture, forestry, and water resources. In each of these sectors, there is a need for efficient and effective root blowers that can help farmers clear land quickly and reduce environmental impact.


Root blowers have many benefits for farmers, including:

-Efficient use of time – Blowers can move large volumes of soil quickly and efficiently, which helps farmers save on labor costs.

-Improved crop yields – By clearing unwanted vegetation quickly, root blowers help to improve crop yields by reducing the amount of inputs needed (fertilizer or pesticide). This saves money both from the cost of input purchase and from the damage done to crops caused by overgrowth.

-Reduced environmental impact – Root blowers help to reduce air pollution levels by removing dense vegetationopyKeeping roads clean is also improved as heavy equipment cannot easily pushrootsand debris around.

Cement industry

Raw meal, aerated raw meal, cement and kiln dust are all materials that are used in the construction industry. Roots blowers are a common tool used to convey these materials and help them blend together smoothly and evenly. In some cases, roots blowers may also be used to blow air into kilns or burners for combustion. by understanding how roots blowers work, you can better understand how they’re applied in various industries.


4. Advantages of root blowers

Today, there are a number of compressor types on the market. However, when it comes to which one is best for a given application, there can be no doubt about the superiority of root blowers. These machines have many advantages that make them superior to other compressors:

– They have only two moving parts (i.e two rotors) which are identical in shape and size. This makes them more reliable and easier to operate.

– Their operation is entirely rotary. This eliminates the need for gears or shafts, making them faster and more efficient than other types of compressors.

– As the rotors are symmetric about their center of rotation, the operation is dynamical balanced – meaning that everything functions as planned regardless of how much pressure is being exerted on any one part of the machine.

– Discharge of the compressed gas is complete and there is no clearance volume – another advantage over other types of compressors

5. Roots blower disadvantages

Roots-blower disadvantages include:

higher conveying speed, greater wear and tear on the conveyor pipe and breakage of material, need for expensive noise dampening equipment, sensitivity to foreign matter (filter cleaning), and limited operability due to pressure restrictions.

Once a conveying speed is chosen, it cannot be changed easily; additional expenditures must be made for adjustments. Since roots-blowers produce low-frequency noises (pulsating conveying airflow), costly noise dampening equipment will usually be necessary; if not installed specifically for this type of machine.

Finally, in order to prevent exceeding operating pressures, some sort of control device must always be present; most root blowers are not able to operate at their full potential without one.

6. What is a roots blower?

The “Roots,” lobe-style blower is a type of positive displacement (PD) blower, the latter of which was invented in the late 1850s by the Roots brothers. Positive displacement blowers operate with flow and pressure as independent variables; this means that if pressure increases and speed remains constant, the flow rate is largely unaffected. Keeping this in mind, PD blowers are ideal for applications that require variable flow and pressure. This particular type of PD blower is often used in industrial applications because it offers high discharge rates while maintaining low noise levels.

Blower technology has seen a number of advancements over the past few years, but noise reduction has been the primary focus. The Roots blower, which was first developed in 1877, uses two bi-lobes to produce high amplitude waves at a low frequency. This innovation decreased efficiency slightly, but it reduced noise levels to below 85 dBA as mandated by OSHA. As more and more businesses become aware of the importance of reducing noise levels, blowers will continue to evolve in order to meet these health and safety standards.

7. Is a roots blower a supercharger?

While the Roots supercharger can be called a compressor, it is not by definition. The airflow path for these Roots superchargers is actually quite different than what many people believe. Rather than flowing through or between the rotors, air moves around on the housing sides within the voids of the rotors. This design allows for increased air flow and better performance due to less resistance and more efficiency

8. What is the difference between a roots blower and a screw blower?

The roots blower and the screw blower both use air to power the engine, but there are some key differences between them. The roots blower uses what’s called an actuating piston to create a vacuum and push air into the motor. This type of blower is typically used in smaller engines where space limitations prohibit using a compressor or Roots-style fan. The screw blower, on the other hand, uses a series of screws that spin around at high speed to create a powerful airflow inside the engine. This type ofblowers is usually found in larger engines because they allow for greater output and more torque (the ability to turn quickly).

9. How do you choose a roots blower?

RB Roots Blower - Vacculex

Identify the amount of volume flow and pressure head

Does your system require a higher volume, flow and pressure but reduced power consumption? Do you need help knowing the amount of volume flow and pressure your system needs for it to efficiently convey materials into production line?


Vacculex can help calculate this for you. Tell us the material you need to transport into your systems and we will handle it from there. Contact us online for assistance. Otherwise, see the pressure ratings of our roots blowers to properly assess if it fits your requirement.


Performance ratings

The performance rating of roots blowers are influenced by the following factors:

Speed and motor rating

Gears and systems need to be working together in order to create the most productive outcome. For example, if you’re using a gear that requires a high speed motor, your system may not be able to handle it. Similarly, if your gears are generating lots of noise and vibration, they may not be effective with your other equipment.



Choosing a roots blower made from materials will help to limit the noise output. These types of blowers use vibration isolators and silencers to reduce the amount of noise that is emitted. Vacculex blowers also come with acoustic enclosures that are designed to fit, which helps to reduce the sound even more.



The efficient performance of roots blowers is dependent on the correct and effective regulation of temperature within the system. Be mindful of the intensity of heat generated during operation because a slight temperature change can be enough to alter the condition of the material being conveyed into the system.


If you’re using a root blower, make sure that your operating temperatures are in line with its specs. The ideal range for most residential systems is between 50°F and 100°F, but it’s important to check your specific unit’s instructions to ensure accuracy. Too much heat will damage plant materials, while too little heat will result in inefficient blowing and decreased fuel efficiency. Follow these tips to help keep your root sblower running like an engine:

– Install or maintain proper air filters across all parts of your system – this includes not just at the mulch outlet but also at any other places where debris may enter (like vents).dirty air build up can cause malfunctioning equipment by obstructing airflow through critical components

– Check fluid levels regularly and top up as needed to avoid moisture condensation inside machinery and causing engine failures or reduced operability

– Maintain operating conditions in the system by cleaning all dust and debris accumulated on internal system fan blades vents andshaust pipe periodically



When it comes to Roots Blowers, you want to make sure that the device you choose is durable and will last for years. Here are some factors to consider:

-The material used in the roots blower should be resistant to corrosion and wear.

-The roots blower must comply with standards such as CSA Z240 or EN 61344.

-The root blowers should have proper maintenance requirements, such as regular lubrication of moving parts.

-In case of any issues or repairs, always consult a reliable supplier like Vacculex who offers after sales services to ensure continuous support for your roots blower.



Whenever choosing a Roots Blower for use in systems and industries, it is important to compare specification with cost. This way, you can find the right blower for your specific needs at an affordable price.

Vacculex offer a variety of reliable roots blowers that are capable of handling a wide range of applications and conditions. We also understand the importance of affordability, which is why our products are extremely affordable compared to other brands on the market. So, whether you need a small or large Roots Blower, Vacculex has something that will fit your needs perfectly!

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