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Mechanical Vacuum Booster

Mechanical vacuum booster (also called Roots vacuum pump), as the main pumping equipment to obtain medium and high vacuum, is a positive-displacement vacuum pump and an oil-free dry vacuum pump. The mechanical vacuum booster is a low cost equipment with high pumping speed in the vacuum range of 0.001mbar~120mbar and can be combined with various vacuum pumps to form vacuum units, also can be combined with multi-stage Roots pumps to improve the system vacuum and achieve energy saving according to the actual situation.

Mechanical Vacuum Booster - Vacculex


As one of the largest mechanical vacuum booster manufacturers in China, Vacculex products have as follow features

  • Five point bearingand five mechanical seal designs, high sealing performance.
  • Double oil tank design ensures lubrication effect and prolongs service life.
  • Alloy steel synchronous helical gear design with improved silence, stability and reliability.
  • Corrosionprotection internal coating, standard Ni-p coating and optional PFA coating of internal gas contact parts, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to pump out condensable, flammable, explosive and toxic gases.
  • Leading technology with largepressure difference up to 120 mbar.
  • Water coolingcooling methods.
  • Mechanical seal, standard FKM(Viton material), optional FFKM(Kalrez material).
  • Highpumping speed and wide pumping range design, up to 110,000m3/h inlet capacity, whic is the most complete pumping range all over the world covering very wide application.
  • Five mechanicalseals plus labyrinth seal to completely eliminate cross contamination and reduce oil consumption. 
  • Nitrogen gas barrier to block gas from entering the oil tank, prolongservice life.


Vacculex offers many types of vacuum pumps in China. These include roots vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, roots blowers, and other custom vacuum systems. They are suitable for various vacuum requirements and industrial applications, each type of vacuum pump is the best choice for a specific application.
All of our vacuum pumps manufactured in China are also made from the highest quality materials for maximum efficiency and safety. You can investigate our vacuum pump catalog to find the right model for your business.

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Industry / Markets

Mechanical vacuum booster(also called Roots vacuum pump), working as a vacuum booster, can be used in many different industry apllications: vacuum deposition, vacuum degassing, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum impregnation, vacuum dust removal, vacuum freezing, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying, vacuum sterilization, vacuum solvent/vapor recovery etc.

Industrial Vacuum

Steel degassing
Vacuum furnaces
Vacuum coating

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Lithium battery slurry mixing
Lithium battery drying
Lithium battery electrolyte filling, degassing and battery sealing
Photovoltaic crystal growth (monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon)

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Petroleum cracking
Oil and gas recovery
Vapor Recovery
Vacuum degassing
VOC tail gas recovery

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Solvent Recovery
Molecular Distillation
Pneumatic Conveying

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Public Service

Wastewater Treatment
Filter Tank Air-water Backwashing

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Dimensional Details


MB100-720 - Vacculex
MB100-720 - Vacculex


MB850-2700- Vacculex


MB2900-7300 - Vacculex
MB2900-7300 - Vacculex


MB7900-60000 - Vacculex

Mechanical Vacuum Booster FAQ Guide

1.What is a mechanical vacuum booster?

Roots vacuum pump is a very commonly used mechanical vacuum booster. In some fields, such as the high vacuum field, it is also called a mechanical vacuum booster. In the process of vacuuming, the vacuum pump has a relatively high pumping speed in the early stage, but when it is close to the ultimate pressure, which is what we call high vacuum, its pumping speed will be greatly reduced, and its pumping speed will decrease very quickly or it can not reach the taget vacuum degree. Therefore, in this pressure range, a vacuum pump that can achieve high pumping speed which is required to process the low-vacuum gas in the vacuum chamber to a suitable higher vacuum, and then enter the suction port of the backing pump such as the screw vacuum pump to ensure the vacuum system with stable pumping speed and high pumping efficiency. Because of the process of boosting, this vacuum pump is called a mechanical vacuum booster pump as its name implies.

2. What is the difference between mechainical vacuum boosterand compressor?

Compressor, It is a equipment that compresses gas and simultaneously increases the gas pressure, which is positive pressure.

Roots mechainical vacuum booster it is a kind of vacuum pump for making vacuum, which can discharge or absorb the air in a closed or semi-closed space to achieve a relative vacuum in the local space, which is negative pressure.

Basically, screw vacuum pump, roots pump and liquid ring vacuum pump are all vacuum pump for making negative pressure. And roots blower, some kind of liquid ring pump and use as compressor for making positive pressure.(Here the Vacculex roots blower can also generate a fixed level of vacuum degree.)

3. How does a mechainical vacuum booster work?

The work of pumping gas in a Roots mechainical vacuum booster pump is performed by two rotors that rotate in opposite directions (clockwise and counterclockwise). The principle of operation is similar to that of a Roots blower, with the distinctive feature that the rotors do not touch each other while moving, i.e. there is a gap between them. This ensures durability and stability of work and allows for high speed rotation of the rotors to complete the process of suction and exhaust for the purpose of extracting gas from the system. For the synchronized operation of the rotors, high-precision gears are mounted on their shafts and are continuously lubricated with oil using a double oil tank.

4. What is the function of mechainical vacuum boosterin vacuum pump system?

Because Roots mechainical vacuum booster has high pumping speed at low inlet pressure, it is especially suitable for use as main pump in vacuum system which needs high pumping speed at low inlet pressure. In the whole vacuum system, there are many kinds of vacuum pumps available for using as backing pump, the backing pump is selected according to the specific working conditions, usually we use more dry screw vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump and so on.

In addition, because the design principle of Roots mechanical vacuum booster is similar to that of Roots blower, Vacculex’s unique design concept and advanced technology have used in many application cases, that is Vacculex Roots mechanical vacuum booster with high pressure difference and does not use backing pump, which means, the same one set of Roots mechanical vacuum booster pump, operates in positive pressure and negative pressure in different pressure stage in one working condition. For specific scheme consultation, please contact the vacuum experts of Vacculex.

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