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Mechanical Booster Pumps

A mechanical booster pump dramatically increases pumping speed. A roughing pump such as an oil rotary vacuum pump and a dry pump etc. combined with the mechanical booster pump, can achieve up to 50% increase in pumping speed over a standard horsepower (hp) motor driven centrifugal pumps for general liquid or wastewater applications.

RB Roots Blower - Vacculex


About Mechanical Booster Pumps Manufacturer

Vacculex’s mechanical booster pump uses a high-speed, high-efficiency blower. Under the premise of ensuring reliability, the higher the speed, the less the gas in the rotor will flow back through the rotor gap, which improves the compression efficiency.Due to the high rotation speed, more fresh air is inhaled, less hot air is returned, and the gas exhaust temperature is greatly reduced, extending the life of shaft, rotor, bearing and seal.
Our proven shaft seal designs help protect pumping mechanisms and gearboxes from cross-contamination, even in the toughest applications. With a reliable and robust hydrodynamic drive, you get the benefits of simple installation and minimal maintenance

Find out How Our Mechanical Booster Pumps Work

The five-point bearing design enhances the bearing force condition during belt driving, while double oil tank design provides excellent cooling and lubrication to the bearings at both ends, ensuring low operating temperatures. Synchronous gears mounted on the drive side, eliminating torsional stresses along the drive shaft. Helical gear design to ensure synchronous, silent and reliable operation. Multiple seal forms available: lip seal, mechanical seal and labyrinth seal. Optional gas-tight design to ensure that the outlet gas is completely oil-free

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MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster - Vacculex
MB Series Mechanical Vacuum Booster

Roots vacuum pump (also called mechanical vacuum booster), As the main pumping equipment to obtain medium and high vacuum, is a positive-displacement vacuum pump and an oil-free dry vacuum pump.


Application of Mechanical Booster Pumps

Vacculex roots blower application in the global manufacturing market: chemical, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical processes, plastics, semiconductors, vacuum furnaces and vacuum melting etc.


Solvent recovery
Freeze Drying

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Solvent Recovery
Molecular Distillation
Pneumatic Conveying

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Petroleum cracking
Oil and gas recovery
Vapor Recovery
Vacuum degassing
VOC tail gas recovery

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Industrial Vacuum

Steel degassing
Vacuum furnaces
Vacuum coating

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Crystal growth
Wafer movement
Vacuum sintering

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