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Liquid ring vacuum pumps play a vital role in creating process vacuum in a wide range of industrial fields, such as chemical, electrical power, environmental, food and beverage processing, packaging, marine, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and textiles. These pumps utilize water or other suitable liquids as sealants. Their simple operation, which lacks contacting components, makes liquid ring vacuum pumps a safe and reliable choice for handling contaminated and potentially dangerous gas streams. Additionally, they are available in single and dual-stage configurations and can be converted into compressors, further enhancing their versatility.

KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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Vacculex’s liquid ring vacuum pumps are relatively simple in design with few moving parts, making them easy to operate and maintain. And our liquid ring vacuum pumps are sturdy and reliable, capable of continuous operation in harsh industrial environments.

Browse our extensive product range to find the Vacculex liquid ring vacuum pump that best suits your process needs.

B series liquid ring vacuum pump - Vacculex
B series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

B series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Ensures efficient compression with minimal temperature variation, ideal for sensitive applications.
  • Eliminates the need for lubrication in the working chamber, ensuring a clean and contamination-free process.
  • Capable of handling a wide range of gases and vapors, including small quantities of entrained liquids, enhancing process flexibility.
  • Simple maintenance procedures contribute to high reliability and reduced downtime.
  • Operates quietly with minimal vibration, ensuring a comfortable working environment.
  • Offers a wide choice of materials for compatibility with various process fluids and environments.
VLRC series liquid ring vacuum pump - Vacculex
VLRC series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

VLRC series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Each stage features an impeller with a small compression ratio, optimizing efficiency and performance.
  • Capable of achieving larger maximum differential pressure, enhancing versatility in various applications.
  • Offers higher exhaust back pressure, ensuring greater reliability during operation.
  • Exhibits a small temperature rise of the operating fluid, reducing the impact of water temperature fluctuations on inlet pressure and suction volume.
  • Two-stage compression effectively avoids cavitation, resulting in a longer service life, minimal vibration, and low noise levels.
KLRPE Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - single stage vacuum pump supplier - Vacculex
KLRPE series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPE series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Utilizes imported bearings to ensure precise impeller positioning and high stability during operation.
  • Impellers are made from ductile iron casting or steel plate welding, ensuring stability under various harsh working conditions and extending the service life of the vacuum pump.
  • Constructed entirely from steel plate, enhancing the overall service life of the KLRPE vacuum pump.
  • Features a standard high-precision tapered sleeve pulley for reliable operation, easy disassembly, and extended belt service life.
  • Equipped with a standard high-strength elastic coupling, with the elastic element made of polyurethane for stable and reliable operation and long service life.
KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - single stage vacuum pump supplier - Vacculex
KLRPV series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPV series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Space-saving design with a direct motor connection, offering a simple structure for easy maintenance. All pumps are equipped with cavitation protection tube connections for enhanced durability.
  • The KLRPV series features stainless steel impellers as standard, while the KLRPV2 series utilizes stainless steel discs/impellers, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Designed with a unique flexible exhaust port that prevents over-compression, ensuring optimal efficiency within the performance range of the KLRPV series.
  • Equipped with Y2 series motors with protection class IP54 or IP55 (IP54 for standard models) and insulation class F insulation (B insulation for standard models), ensuring reliable performance and longevity.


Sealant Liquid Operation

Liquid ring vacuum pumps operate using a sealant liquid, typically water or another compatible liquid, to create a seal between the impeller and the pump casing.

Robust Construction

These pumps are built with sturdy materials, such as cast iron or stainless steel, to withstand the rigors of industrial environments and ensure long-term durability.

Ability to Handle Wet and Contaminated Gases

Liquid ring vacuum pumps can handle gases with moisture, condensable vapors, or particulates without the risk of damage to the pump internals.

Cooling Effect

The liquid ring serves as a coolant for the pump, dissipating heat generated during compression and helping to maintain the pump’s temperature within safe operating limits.

Low Noise and Vibration

These pumps operate quietly and with minimal vibration compared to other types of vacuum pumps, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments.


Liquid ring vacuum pumps are versatile devices capable of handling a wide range of gas volumes and pressures. They can be configured in single or multistage arrangements to achieve different vacuum levels.

B series liquid ring vacuum pump - Vacculex


Vacculex liquid ring vacuum pumps offer a multitude of advantages that make them a preferred choice for challenging industrial applications. Firstly, their robust construction ensures long-term durability, capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of industrial environments. Secondly, Vacculex pumps excel in handling wet and contaminated gases without risking damage, thanks to their sealant liquid operation. This capability makes them ideal for processes where moisture, condensable vapors, or particulates are present. Additionally, their simple design and minimal moving parts contribute to easy operation and maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Furthermore, Vacculex pumps are known for their low noise and vibration levels, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Finally, their versatility allows them to handle a wide range of gas volumes and pressures, ensuring adaptability to various industrial applications. Overall, Vacculex liquid ring vacuum pumps deliver reliability, efficiency, and performance, meeting the stringent demands of industrial processes while minimizing total cost of ownership.

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Industry / Markets

Liquid ring vacuum pumps find widespread application across various industries and markets due to their versatile capabilities and reliability. Industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, power generation, environmental, oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper, textiles, and packaging utilize liquid ring vacuum pumps for a diverse range of vacuum-related processes.


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