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Customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are dynamic positive displacement devices crucial for generating process vacuum across various industrial sectors including chemical, electrical power, environmental, food & beverage processing and packaging, marine, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, and textiles. These pumps employ water or other compatible liquids as sealants. Their straightforward operation, devoid of any contacting components, renders liquid ring vacuum pumps a secure and dependable option for managing contaminated and potentially hazardous gas streams. Furthermore, these pumps come in both single and dual-stage configurations and can be adapted into compressors, enhancing their versatility even further.

Customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump-Customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump-Vacculex

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Vacculex liquid ring vacuum pumps are a reliable and durable solution for challenging process applications. Our liquid ring vacuum pump design was  an industry leader.Through our ongoing commitment to innovation, product research, and development, Vacculex continues to introduce quality liquid ring vacuum pumps and product upgrades that meet the rigors of the most demanding applications while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Review our extensive product portfolio and discover the Vacculex liquid ring vacuum pump best suited for your process.

B series liquid ring vacuum pump - Vacculex
B series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

B series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Almost isothermal compression, no lubrication needed in the working chamber, is absolutely oil-free and contamination-free.
  • Can handle almost all gases and vapors, can handle small quantities of entrained liquids.
  • Easy maintenance, high reliability, low noise, almost no vibration.
  • Wide choice of materials, can be used in essentially all applications
  • No contact between shaft and medium, no metal contact of the rotating parts.
  • Cavitation protection as standard.
  • Integrated sewage discharge.
VLRC series liquid ring vacuum pump - Vacculex
VLRC series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

VLRC series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Two-stage compression, each stage impeller with small compression ratio.
  • Can achieve larger maximum differential pressure.
  • Can achieve higher exhaust back pressure, with higher reliability during operation.
  • Small temperature rise of operating fluid and less influence of water temperature on inlet pressure and suction volume.
  • More effective avoidance of cavitation by two-stage compression, long service life, low vibration and noise.
  • Pumping speed curve is flat, its efficiency of inlet pressure can keep about 90% under 50 torr, while the efficiency of single-stage pumps drops to 50%. It is very favorable for roots pump operation when form a unit with the roots pump.
KLRPE Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - single stage vacuum pump supplier - Vacculex
KLRPE series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPE series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Using imported bearings, which ensure the precise positioning of the impeller of KLRPE vacuum pump and high stability during operation.
  • Impeller materials are ductile iron casting or steel plate welding, guaranteeing the stability of impeller under various harsh working conditions and improving the service life of the vacuum pump.
  • The pump body is all made of steel plate, improves service life of KLRPE vacuum pump.
  • The belt pulley adopts standard high-precision tapered sleeve pulley, which is reliable in operation, easy to disassemble and has long belt service life.
  • The coupling adopts standard high-strength elastic coupling, and the elastic element is made of polyurethane, with stable and reliable operation and long service life.
KLRPV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - single stage vacuum pump supplier - Vacculex
KLRPV series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

KLRPV series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Direct motor connection design, space saving, simple structure, easy maintenance, all equipped with cavitation protection tube connection.
  • All KLRPV series use stainless steel impellers as standard, all KLRPV2 series use stainless steel discs/impellers.
  • Unique flexible exhaust port design without over-compression ensures the best efficiency of the KLRPV series within its performance range.
  • All use Y2 series motors with protection class IP54, IP55 (IP54 for ordinary) and insulation class F insulation (B insulation for ordinary).
  • All adopt NTN, SKF or NSK imported bearings.
  • KLRPV series liquid ring vacuum pumps can realize flexible seals all in PTFE, which can greatly extend the service life of vacuum pumps under harsh working conditions.


Accepts Carryover

Soft solids, moisture, slugs, chemicals and more will not harm the pump. These impurities will simply be washed out through the pump discharge.

Cool & Quiet Operation

The pump runs cool owing to the circulation of the sealing water inside the pump. The operation is relatively quiet – not exceeding 85 dBA.

Constant Operation For Any Vacuum Level

Pump can operate constantly and continuously at any vacuum level – from 29 in. Hg to atmospheric pressure.

Easy Maintenance & Longer Pump Life

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are robust in construction and have only one moving part, the rotor, which is mounted on a shaft supported by a set of bearings designed for a long service life of continuous operation. This benefits the user with less wear and simpler, affordable maintenance.


Liquid ring vacuum pumps are safe and reliable pumps for handling contaminated and potentially hazardous gases because they are very simple to operate and have no parts in contact with hazardous substances. Note: Disadvantages of this type of pump are the mixing of the pumped gas with the service liquid, and the high power consumption due to internal friction losses.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump​ - Vacculex


Vacculex liquid ring vacuum pumps offer several advantages that make them stand out in the market. Firstly, their robust design and construction ensure reliable performance even in demanding industrial environments. Additionally, Vacculex pumps feature a simple operation with no contacting parts, making them inherently safe and easy to maintain. Their ability to handle dirty and potentially dangerous gas streams effectively makes them suitable for a wide range of applications across industries such as chemical, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. 

Furthermore, Vacculex pumps are available in various configurations, including single and dual-stage designs, providing flexibility to meet different process requirements. With their efficiency, durability, and versatility, Vacculex liquid ring vacuum pumps are a trusted choice for industrial vacuum applications.

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