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Vacuum Application in Polystyrene(PS)

Polystyrene resin, CAS No. 9003-53-6, molecular formula is C8H8, mainly used for foam molding, used as insulation, heat insulation, shockproof, packaging materials and floating products. General purpose (R) for packaging materials; flame retardant type (F) for construction, insulation materials. Polystyrene is easy to process and mold, and has the advantages of transparency, cheap, rigidity, insulation, good printability, etc.. Can be widely used in the light industry market, daily decoration, lighting instructions and packaging, etc.. In the electrical aspects is a good insulating material and thermal insulation materials, can make a variety of instrument shells, lampshades, optical and chemical instrument parts, transparent film, capacitor dielectric layer, etc..


In the production process of polystyrene resin, all need to use vacuum devices, Shanghai SECCO, Jiangsu Laidun, Atofina, Quanzhou Quangang, Zhanjiang New Zhongmei, PetroChina, Panjin Ethylene, Guangzhou Xinghui, Huizhou Renxin, and other companies have adopted VACCULEX vacuum systems, here is the focus on the PetroChina vacuum system project.


PS polystyrene resin production vacuum system


Application overview:

Process parameters: normal inlet pressure is 133pa, outlet pressure is 1bar (a), pumping rate: 7820m3/h

Conveying medium: air+styrene+ethylbenzene

Explosion-proof level:ExDⅡBT4.

These components are specifically flammable and explosive, so the requirements for the unit are high: 1. explosion-proof; 3. zero leakage.

According to the working conditions provided by the customer, we recommend the customer to use the Roots liquid ring unit; the design model is: MDKLRC-7026.4012.200, in which the maximum pumping speed is 7820m3/hr. The main features of MD Roots booster pump are: it can adopt direct connection, or pulley transmission to correspond to the different pumping speed requirements of the customer; it adopts five-point mechanical seal to ensure the pump chamber is clean The five-point mechanical seal ensures that the pump chamber is clean and oil-free, and guarantees zero leakage of flammable, explosive and toxic gases; the internal configuration of the mechanical seal is equipped with Calz O-ring, which can ensure the safety and corrosion resistance of the seal, etc. For system energy saving and pressure stabilization, frequency control is adopted.

Case Summary

Stable control of the system’s gas tightness, temperature, pumping volume and pressure for long-term stable operation of the vacuum system.

Application schematics

Application PS polystyrene resin production vacuum system - Vacculex

Site photos

Application PS polystyrene resin production vacuum system - Vacculex

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