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ABS Resin Production Vacuum System

ABS material is a graft copolymer of three monomers: Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene, also known as ABS resin. The largest application areas for ABS resins are automotive, electronics and building materials. In the automotive field, ABS resins are used in instrument panels, exterior panels, interior trim panels, steering wheels, sound insulation panels, door locks, bumpers, ventilation ducts, and many other components. In electrical appliances, they are widely used in refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, copiers and other electronic appliances. For building materials, ABS pipes, ABS sanitary ware and ABS decorative panels are widely used in the building materials industry. In addition ABS is also widely used in packaging, furniture, sports and recreational goods, machinery and instrumentation industries.


At present, international brands of ABS materials include Taiwan Chimei, Taiwan Delta, Japan Denka, Japan Toray, South Korea Samsung, etc.


Most of the production capacity of ABS producers is used to produce general-purpose ABS. usually requires general-purpose ABS with good impact performance and fluidity performance, the main common general-purpose ABS on the market are Taiwan Chimei PA-757, Ningbo LG Yongxing 121H, Jilin Petrochemical 0215A, Ningbo Formosa 15A1, Zhenjiang Chimei PA-757K, Guoheng D-180, Daqing Petrochemical 750A, etc. The common feature of these products is that the impact strength is around 180~280J/m and the melt flow index is around 20g/10min.


In the production process of poly ABS resin, DV kettle need to use vacuum device, Zhenjiang Chimei, Ningbo LG Yongxing, Ningbo LG Huizhou and other companies have adopted VACCULEX vacuum system, here focus on Zhenjiang Chimei vacuum system project.


Vacuum system for ABS resin production


Application overview:

Process parameters: normal inlet pressure is 1Kpa, outlet pressure is 1bar(a), inlet temperature is 25-80℃, pumping rate: 2550m3/h

Conveying medium: N2(15kg/h), AN(45kg/h)

Seal liquid composition: AN(25%)+SM(62%)+EB(13%)

Explosion-proof grade:ExDⅡBT4.

Some of their components are flammable and explosive, as well as special odor, toxic, strongly corrosive and easy to solidify, so the requirements for the unit are high: 1. explosion-proof; 2. anti-corrosion; 3. zero leakage; 4. temperature rise control.

According to the working conditions provided by the customer, we recommend the customer to use the Roots liquid ring unit; the design model is MDKLRC-5518.5511.425, in which the maximum pumping speed is 3400m3/hr. The main features of MD Roots booster pump are: direct connection or pulley transmission can be used to correspond to the different pumping speed requirements of the customer; five-point mechanical seal is adopted to ensure the pump chamber is clean and oil-free. The five-point mechanical seal ensures that the pump chamber is clean and oil-free, and guarantees zero leakage of toxic and harmful gases; the mechanical seal is equipped with internal Calz O-ring, which can ensure safe sealing and corrosion resistance, etc. For system energy saving and pressure stabilization, frequency control is adopted.

Case Summary

Stable control of the system’s gas tightness, temperature, pumping volume and pressure for long-term stable operation of the vacuum system.

Application schematics

Application PS polystyrene resin production vacuum system - Vacculex

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ABS Resin Production Vacuum System - Vacculex

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