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Zero Breakthrough! The First 50,000 Tons Per Year PGA Project is Here!

Recently, the vacuum de-volatilization system of Shenhua Yulin 50,000 tons/year polyglycolic acid demonstration project, which was contracted by Vacculex Vacuum Equipment (Zhejiang) Co.Ltd.


The new technology of producing PGA with coal as raw material can change the fuel property of coal into raw material property, and the CO2 emission of the process is only 1/3 of the production of conventional plastic, which has both technical and raw material advantages for NNPC.


In total, our company has provided 14 sets of complete vacuum equipment for them. Among them, 4 sets of VSP series dry screw vacuum units and 2 sets of MBVSP series Roots screw compound vacuum units are used for the product tower, 2 sets of MBVSP series Roots screw compound vacuum units are used for the thickening tower, and 6 sets of MBVLRC series Roots liquid ring compound vacuum units are used for the de-volatilization device. The vacuum solution, with advantages of large pumping speed, large compression ratio and low noise, provides strong technical support for the efficient production of the project.

Vacculex vacuum system in a 50,000 ton PGA project - Vacculex

After the project is put into operation, it will achieve a zero breakthrough in the field of biodegradable plastics (PGA) in China.


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