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Wastewater Treatment:

Aeration is the process of air circulating, mixing or dissolving in a liquid or substance. Aeration brings water and air into close contact, supplying oxygen to microorganisms that consume organic matter to remove dissolved gases and oxidize dissolved metals, including iron, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Adequate and evenly distributed oxygen supply in the aeration system is the key to an economically sustainable and effective wastewater treatment program. Wastewater aeration uses blowers that work continuously, and the blowers quantity is relatively large, so low power types are preferred for blower selection. Vacculex’s roots blower can be used in activated sludge processes where air is pumped into the tank and recirculated back to the aeration tank to increase the rate of decomposition.

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Filter Tank Air-water Backwashing:

Tap water filter tank air-water backwashing refers to the flushing method in which air and water act together on the filter tank. After the filter tank has been working for a period of time, because the retained pollutants penetrate the filter layer and make the water quality deteriorate sharply, or because the filtration resistance of the filter layer increases to exceed the maximum allowable resistance, it is necessary to flush the filter layer using the reverse air-water flow (bottom-up) so that the filter layer is regenerated and the filter tank starts working normally again. Characteristics of Vacculex roots blower used in this application: short working time, low frequency of use, generally requiring frequency conversion control. 

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